The GANTER SENSITIV is the ideal shoe for people with sensitive feet.

It takes particular account of the needs of those suffering from diabetes and rheumatism:

The shoe provides space for the toes, in terms of both length and height. An extraordinary space is offered through the use of stretchable vamp-inserts made of Duoflex. The width at the forefoot is generous while at the same time providing a secure fit at the heel.
There are no pressure causing seams. The SENSITIV functional lining cushions the foot, while its silver finish has an anti-microbial effect and prevents smells. An breathable membrane manages the climate and keeps the shoe rainproof. There is no toe-cap that might have an effect on the foot.

1: Comfort due to cushioned upper edge

2: No pressure causing seams

3: Soft toe cap avoiding pressure

4: Large interior space for bespoke footwear

5: Cushioned, exchangeable, Vario real cork footbed ensuring a soft step

6: Antibacterial, cushioned and washable SENSITIV lining due to silver finish

7: Secure fit due to prolonged counter




GANTER supports the work of the German diabetics foundation

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