We love sustainability

The GANTER commitment for a livable environment

The world we want to live in respects life, is green, clean, healthy, and offers everyone the chance to have a "full" existence!

GANTER regards people as a part of nature.

All life exists on the basis of give and take.

The consumption of resources on the one hand establishes the basis of life on the other hand and creates endless cycles.

Exploiting resources avariciously without being conscious of the cycles of life and thus destroying habitats and biodiversity means putting life at risk and causes the immiseration of the environment, of animals and people.

GANTER focuses on sustainable products of natural materials and combines the concept of sustainability with traditional master craftsmanship.


Our principles

  • Durable and long-lasting commodities  instead of throwaway products
  • Timeless design instead of „dernier-cri“ fashion
  • Repairing instead of discarding
  • Vegetable tanning instead of contamination with heavy metals
  • Cork instead of plastics
  • Solvent-free processing instead of  outgassing solvents
  • Waste separation and waste material recycling instead of discarding or disposal
  • Use of geothermal energy instead of combustion of fossil raw materials
  • Avoiding printed matter instead of  wasting paper
  • Using paper from sustainable forestry with FSC or PEFC certificate instead of clearcutting and destroying rain forests
  • Social responsibility for colleagues and employees instead of exploitation
  • Environmentally sound behaviour instead of a waste of resources

A growing world population and the right of all people to food, clothing and prosperity demands a responsible use of resources, now more than ever. Thinking in cycles improves the quality of living for all of us.