Living on a healthy footing

What can you do to keep your feet healthy?

Here are a few easy-to-follow tips and suggestions, but what is most important is a healthy way of life, plenty of movement, regular care and, by no means least, good shoes that fit.

“Walking barefoot has already proven its benefit for a wide variety of illnesses. It’s a good help against headaches, migraine, bladder infections, glandular problems, as well as for the neck and the speech organs,” as Sebastian Kneipp said over 100 years ago. Even then, it was known how important movement was for the body as a whole – ideally outdoors, on a natural surface, in healthy surroundings. In the park – or better still, in the woods – rather than around the block, and best of all barefoot.

You don’t have to be a top athlete to keep your feet and legs fit. A modest start can do wonders for your general wellbeing: running, swimming and light exercises, for instance, are a healthy balance to the one-sided strains of our everyday activities.

(1) Real breathable leather

(2) Discharge on the lateral and medial ball

(3) Metatarsal support

(4) Medial shank

(5) Diecharge on the heel

(6) The foot can breath

(7) Insulation