Thank you for the flowers!


Our hard working GANTER bees!

You will see our bee colony and their queen called CORDULA.

Bee facts

Thanks to the bees, we can enjoy fruits, vegetables, nuts, honey and herbs - foods that depend on the pollination and immense work of our bees.
Bees earn 150 billion euros annually. Replacing them is priceless.
A few bee species form social groups with a queen, worker bees, guardian bees, nurses, and male drones, fed by the worker bees until their task is accomplished.
For 500g honey, bees fly around the world 3 times. A population of 50,000 bees can produce 40 to 70 kg of honey in one season.
Unfortunately, our busy bees are in danger! The number of bee colonies is falling dramatically. Half of the over 700 bee species resident here are threatened.

Life in the beehive

One bee can´t make honey on its own. Only when its humming and buzzing in the entire beehive and when every bee knows what to do,
they can turn flower nectar into golden honey.

Translation of the document

as a bee godfather


The certificate gives


an active contribution to the protection of our bees


Bees among to the most important creatures of our world. These industrious insects we owe 1/3 of our food and 80% of fruits and vegetables. But bee mortality is progressing dramatically, millions of them are dying each year. If we also want to bite heartily into an apple, snack sweet cherries or enjoy colourful salads, we have to help the bees.
Because the bees need us - and we need the bees.
Signed by Markus Bleich – Company BIENE BURGENLAND GmbH