Our History Began in 1922

with the then novel and revolutionary idea to create shoes that fit the foot's natural form and allow for natural, healthy walking.

GANTER comfort shoes support the foot only when and where it needs it and give the foot enough room to allow it to move as unrestrictedly as possible. At first we were laughed at, but our success has proved us right – people loved and still love GANTER shoes.

Bolstered by this success, we continued to develop GANTER shoes with joy and passion. We constantly test, analyze, discard, safeguard and improve. To us, the passing on of fire, not the worship of the ashes, is important. On the other hand, we are very careful to keep the good things and to continue doing the things that make us, us. We run, sweat and discuss – not because we have to, but because we want to. So it is always a great pleasure when our ideas become products, when we move something forward and when an attractive new comfort shoe is created. A shoe that does not only the foot, but also the soul, good. 


GANTER AKTIV & GANTER SENSITIV – Our Defining Inventions

Since 1977, the special soles of our GANTER AKTIV shoes have allowed the wearer to experience the stimulating sense of walking barefoot on natural, soft ground. The effects are astounding. Back pain, posture problems and strain are prevented or reduced.

Outfitting extremely sensitive feet requires special expertise. Our aspiration was to help people with extremely sensitive feet; this led to our GANTER SENSITIV line and its specially developed SENSITIV microfiber lining with silver finishing. Little by little, we incorporate many of the best ideas for extremely sensitive feet into other GANTER shoes.