With care and awareness, GANTER produces shoes in our own facilities in the heart of Europe with full confidence that all social standards are met.

Since 1922 GANTER has strived to simulate natural walking and has dedicated itself to the quality of life and well-being of GANTER wearers.

All materials used must meet the strict requirements of CADS and/or harmful substance testing and are subject to continuous testing. GANTER shoes feature healthy natural materials such as vegetable-tanned calfskin leather and footbeds made of genuine cork.

We avoid solvents and recycle production waste. Through the intensive use of geothermic energy, we actively contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions.




Master Craftsmanship for First-Class Shoes

Specialist and technical knowledge, as well as great care in craftsmanship, are indispensable prerequisites for the master craftsmanship of shoes that we at GANTER practice in our development, technology and production. Experienced technicians and specialists work with great attention to detail and with great commitment to create high-quality, special shoes.





GANTER Maintains a Good Standing with Nature and the Environment

From production to packaging, we place importance on environmentally friendly raw materials. Handcrafted care is as self-evident at GANTER as saving energy, reducing waste and using solvent-free adhesives.




Well-Advised with GANTER

Comprehensive expert consultation is the basis for satisfied, loyal customers.



Long-Lasting Products Help the Environment

Nothing harms the environment more than short-lived products. The high durability and long lifespan of our shoes set benchmarks. If a GANTER shoe should however show signs of wear, our repair service uses original replacement parts to give renewed life to your shoes.