Who is GANTER?

Our home is the beautiful Innviertel in Upper Austria.



What makes a shoe a GANTER?

4 steps to greater health, well-being and vitality

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Everythings begin at the foot

The foot is the measure of all things.

A good shoe keeps the foot in the heel and gives room to the toes. He lets the foot "breathe". It activates, supports and relieves in the right places.

Our fit guarantee

  • narrow, regular, wide shapes in 7 widths
  • Lot of room and freedom of movement for the toes
  • Straight alignment of the big toe
  • Secure hold in the heel
  • Heel elevation up to max. 30 mm

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Our 4-point sole leads the foot on its natural walking line

green arrow: Forefoot rotation

blue arrow: Sensomotoric, reflex response of the muscules to the forefoot rotation

=> Stabilizes the arch of the foot, relieves back and joints

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Our anatomical footbeds are made from the bark of cork oak


.. isolates

.. is hygienic

.. is dimensionally stable

.. adapts

.. lets air circulate

.. breathes

.. absorbs moisture

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Our vegetable-tanned calfleather lining

.. high moisture absorption
.. breathable
.. hygienic
.. warms in winter
.. cool in the summer
.. adapts
.. lets air circulate
.. heavy-metal-free tanned

.. for a healthy foot climate

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Made in Europe

  • High social standards
  • Nearly solvent free production
  • Use of natural, sustainable resources, e.g. geothermal
  • Recycling of cutting waste – production of heel counters