For our Merino sneakers we cooperate with one of the most renowned Austrian "Walkloden" manufacturers. Loden-Steiner from near Schladming.


Steiner Loden is ...

  • easy to care for
    • Wool has an antibacterial effect and a strong self-cleaning effect. Regular airing and brushing with a natural hair brush is usually sufficient.
    • For material combinations with leather, the shoes should be impregnated.
  • temperature regulating
    • Merino acts like an air conditioner. Cools in summer and warms in winter.
  • breathable
    • So breathable that you can even easily breathe through.
  • water repellent
    • The natural wool grease (lanolin) makes our "Merino Walkloden" water repellent.
  • woven
    • A woven fabric is more robust than a knitted fabric. Many Merino shoes are produced with fulling woven fabrics.
  • 80% Merino & 20% wool
    • Optimal combination for robustness and tear resistance with the positive properties of fine merino wool.
  • windproof
    • The extremely fine fiber structure of merino wool makes the loden very soft.
  • biodegradable 
    • Wool is biodegradable and can even be used as fertilizer.

Steiner Merino-Loden is guaranteed mulesing-free.​


Care instructions

Merino wool has antibacterial and powerful self-cleaning properties, making it especially easy to care for. Frequent airing out and brushing with a natural bristle brush is usually all it takes. And there’s no need for extra waterproofing since it is naturally water-repellent. However, we do recommend waterproofing shoes with leather parts.

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