Care instructions

GANTER comfort shoes are made of high-quality materials. To make sure you can enjoy your shoes for a long time to come, you need the proper shoe care. GANTER recommends using Collonil. You can also find shoe care recommendations by viewing an individual model online.


General tips to Care for Your Shoes

  • Apply appropriate shoe care products evenly and thinly before wearing for the first time.
  • Your shoes will be like new if you first treat scratches with liquid shoe polish, then polish the shoes and finally apply a harder shoe polish.
  • Small stains can be removed quickly with a soft eraser.
  • Protect your shoes from moisture by using a waterproofing spray. Use one without propellants to help the environment.  
  • Do not dry wet shoes by a heater; instead stuff them with absorbent paper and rub with leather wax.
  • Always allow shoe care products to dry, then polish.
  • Add a few drops of milk or turpentine to dried-out shoe cream to make it creamy again.
  • Briefly rub suede with a sponge or brush after each wear. Stains are best removed with sandpaper.
  • Remove salt stains by rubbing with petroleum.
  • After each wear, you should immediately store shoes on shoe lasts to extend their life.
  • Hang tall boots to prevent the shaft from creasing.

Special care recommendations for our merino-shoes

Merino wool has antibacterial and powerful self-cleaning properties, making it especially easy to care for. Frequent airing out and brushing with a natural bristle brush is usually all it takes. And there’s no need for extra waterproofing since it is naturally water-repellent. However, we do recommend waterproofing shoes with leather parts. You can find special cleaners for stubborn stains in shoe stores.

Tips for stubborn stains:
  • Quick action will avoid permanent stains. Dab up liquids with a white kitchen paper or an absorbent cloth. 
  • Remove solids with a spoon, always working from the outside in. This prevents the stain from spreading.
  • Then treat the spot with the stain according to the stain removal instructions below.

Please follow the listed cleaning sequence: apply step A, allow to dry, if unsuccessful apply step B and only later step C. Please also observe the instructions for use of the cleaning agents.

(Source: Loden Steiner)