The right size and width

Which shoe size and width are right for me?

GANTER guarantees a great feeling all day long.

To make this possible, it is important to know your shoe size. Let us help you find it:

To determine your shoe size, you must first measure the length of your foot – from the tip of your longest toe to the back of your heel. The easiest way to determine the length of your foot is to place a sheet of paper on the floor directly against a wall, and place your foot on it with your heel against the wall. Make sure you place all your weight on your foot since you will be doing this later when you walk in your shoes. Now ask someone to make a mark on the paper at the tip of your longest toe, holding the pen or pencil completely perpendicular to the ground.

Now simply measure from the end of the paper to the mark and you will have the length of your foot. You may now use the table to find your perfect shoe size. Be sure to measure your other foot, too, since your feet may be different sizes.

GANTER recommends: When in doubt, be sure to go up a size to avoid pressure points. For models with lambskin lining, we advise you to go up a half-size.

Find the proper width by starting with your own experience with standard width shoes. The table of widths is a good place to start. If you find your foot "floats" too much when you have sufficient room in your toes, or that your shoes do not offer your foot enough grip in standard widths, we recommend trying a narrow width. If your feet feel restricted in standard widths, we recommend a wide width.
We primarily use UK sizes. Some models are available in France.