"The philosophy behind our exemplary research and development work is sandals and shoes that keep feet healthy, support them in their natural form and guarantee natural and comfortable walking!"



It isn't that long ago that humans traveled predominantly by foot on natural surfaces in a natural environment. The muscles of the feet and legs were continuously trained, and the entire body stayed fit. People walked well and lived well.

Natural walking: barefoot in the sand, on soft moss, on loosely packed dirt and in the water; a life at one with nature; naturally unconstrained. We only wish we could treat ourselves and our feet to this kind of freedom every day.

Natural walking is essential for our entire well-being. For this reason, we should give our feet lots of attention, take care of them and above all be very mindful of appropriate footwear; of shoes that do not restrict and constrain, but that give our feet their natural freedom and replicate the natural ground.




We spend a lot of time on our feet. Day in, day out, they carry us through our daily lives, work and leisure time.

While in the past we often walked on natural ground, today we mostly walk on asphalt, concrete, stone and plastic floors. Our feet don't have many opportunities to behave naturally: they cannot and are no longer relied upon to fulfill their natural function. Cars, lifts and escalators rob us of mobility. We move less, walk barefoot less and do not allow our feet enough freedom.

But our feet need more. They need care and hygiene, balance and oxygen, freedom and leisure so that they feel comfortable, and so that our whole body can feel good.