The perfect shoe for people with sensitive feet

Shoes for sensitive feet


women's collection


These shoes take special account of the requirements of people with diabetes and arthritis:

GANTER SENSITIV shoes offer plenty of width and height for your toes and extra room thanks to the use of stretchable Duoflex sheet inserts. These shoes provide enough width for the forefoot while at the same time keeping a secure hold of the heel, and there are no uncomfortable seams.

Our SENSITIV lining cushions the foot and is anti-microbial and odor blocking thanks to its silver finish. A breathable membrane regulates heat and keeps the shoes waterproof (only models with a stretchable Duoflex insert). We have consciously decided against toe caps that could bother the foot.

  1. Comfortable, soft padding on the edge of the shaft

  2. No uncomfortable seams

  3. The soft toe cap reduces pressure points

  4. Spacious interior with room for custom insoles

  5. Cushioned, removable, VARIO genuine cork footbed for soft steps

  6. Antibacterial, cushioned and washable SENSITIV lining with silver finish

  7. Secure heel thanks to an extended counter

How They Work 


GANTER SENSITIV shoes create plenty of room and offer the foot relief. At the same time, they also provide support and a healthy environment for the foot. Good fit and secure grip is the result of close cooperation between GANTER and renowned orthopedic shoe technicians.

  • Custom insoles or footbeds adapted for people with diabetes can be easily inserted into these shoes.
  • GANTER SENSITIV shoes provide security and increase quality of life.
  • GANTER SENSITIV shoes are available in widths H, I and K for women, and width K for men.


  1. Water

  2. Evaporation

  3. Leather upper

  4. Flexible padding protects against pressure points

  5. Waterproof and temperature-regulating breathable membrane (all models feature a stretchable Duoflex insert)

  6. Skin-friendly textile layer with silver finish is hygienic, washable and anti-microbial

  7. Wound secretions



Shoes for sensitive feet


men's collection

 GANTER supports the work of the "Deutscher Diabetikerbund" (German Diabetes Association)
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