Shock absorbing 4-Point-Sole



​The GANTER 4-point sole allows anatomically correct natural steps – a dynamic, active movement.

The foot can roll gently and completely naturally: from the heel (1) which takes the most strain, the foot then rolls over the outer ball of the foot (2) to the inner ball of the foot (3) and then over the big toe (4).

You can find these four points marked on the sole of our shoes.


The building of our GANTER 4-point sole. Pay attention to the arrows!



Made of high-quality, CFC-free PU foam, this sole supports the natural rolling action of the foot and gently cushions it. The energy of impact is absorbed and the foot can form its own individual footbed, just as it does when walking barefoot.






(1) Point of impact in ordinary shoes
(2) Point of impact of the ball of the foot extended back 2 to 4 cm

As a result, the midfoot is supported by a fundamental construction that can be compared to an arcade or arch. The metatarsus and the ball of the foot are gently supported and thus relieved. The foot can roll freely.




To walk like you would barefoot on natural ground, it is best to have flat shoes. These avoid placing strain on your spine and ensure your posture, circulation and load on muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones are in tune. This is crucial for relaxed, natural, upright posture and dynamic, comfortable walking.