foot hygiene

Treat yourself to a footbath.

Footbaths promote circulation and stimulate blood flow. All you need is a few minutes and a tub for your feet. The water should be 35-40°C (95-104°F). Throw in a handful of salt – your skin will react five to seven times stronger than without it. With the help of a brush, use small circular motions to massage your feet and legs from the bottom up. You will feel the soothing effects for hours.


Always wash your feet with alkali-free soap to avoid destroying the natural acidic coating of the skin.

Carefully remove calluses once a week with pumice stone or a special callus file.

Never cut your toenails into a round shape, but always straight across. This will prevent unsightly and painful ingrown nails.

The Most Important Rules for Foot Hygiene

-  Wear socks and stockings made of natural materials – ideally pure wool.
-  Change socks and stockings regularly.
-  Make sure your socks and stockings are not too small.
-  Walk barefoot on natural ground as much as possible.
-  Wear sandals with a good footbed as often as you can.
-  Choose shoes that are made of genuine leather. Only genuine leather breathes and creates a healthy, comfortable environment for your foot.



Foot Care

Professional pedicures and foot reflexology massages can work wonders. But you should always leave this up to well-trained, experienced practitioners. If you do, you will see the positive effects healthy feet have on the entire body.